サポートジャケットBb+FIT PROⅢ

Equipped with 6 new functions

  • フォームナビ機能

    Form navigation function

    The uniquely developed Bb+ (Backbone Plus) guides the spine and lower back into an ideal posture. Additionally, by reducing the stooping posture associated with work, it reduces the significant strain placed on the back and hips.

  • ランバーサポート機能

    Lumbar support function

    The large belt stabilizes and protects the lower back, and wraps around the spine, abdominal muscles, and back muscles to maintain abdominal pressure, reducing the strain on the lower back and spine during work.

  • マッスル機能

    Muscle function

    A muscle belt is worn from the knees to the waist to support leg muscles. By wearing it, it will assist you in bending forward and getting up while working, reducing the strain on your muscles.

unique features

  • 肩ベルト改良

    Detachable bone mechanism

    You can remove the backbone and wash only the cloth (fabric) part in the washing machine.

  • チェストベルト追加

    Bb belt

    Two types of belts are included and can be replaced to suit your preference. The backbone fits perfectly to your back and maximizes the reaction force effect.

  • 脇強化ベルト追加

    Side ab belt

    Tightening the belt along the abdominal oblique muscles stabilizes the trunk and improves the sense of hold. The length can also be adjusted, replaced, and removed.

  • ひざベルトデザイン改良

    Sliding chest belt

    The height of the chest belt can be easily adjusted by sliding it.

  • マッスルベルト部改良

    W-lock knee belt

    The design uses non-slip fabric and additional tightening belts on the top and bottom to prevent it from slipping off and make it easy to squat.

  • 生地素材変更

    Breathable fabric

    Made with breathable fabric for added comfort.

Pressure measurements on lumbar discs

[Measured pressure on when raising a 10kg load from the floor to the desk]
*Assuming that the wearer is 172cm tall and weighs 64kg.
*Verification method: We made 10 healthy adult males raise and lower 10kg weight tested for 30 times in 10 minutes according to a metronome.
Participants did the same for both cases of wearing the jacket and not, which were recorded in a video. We then analyzed the angles of the neck, trunk, and knees of the participants from the video and assessed the data with the REBA method recommended in ISO/TR12296, international standards for evaluating occupational lower back pain.

With or without the SUPPORT JACKET Bb+ Without With PROⅢ
Forward tilt angle for lifting motion from the floor 66.6° 49.1°
Improved trunk forward tilting angle when wearing the SUPPORT JACKET Bb+ Reduced by 13.2°- 17.5°
<Momentary load pressure reduced by 18.3kg - 22.5kg>
Pressure reduction effect on lumbar disks when repeating the same movement 100 times for five days. Reduction of 11,228kg(approx. 11.2t)
<Further effect can be obtained for more frequent movement>

Verifying the “effect of leading to a good working posture”

"SUPPORT JACKET Bb+" has the effect of suppressing the forward leaning angle of the trunk, and has been confirmed to be effective in promoting good posture during work. In addition, the corset function and elastic fabric from the knees to the waist are thought to create a great sense of assistance. Measures to prevent back pain are a major social issue that is being addressed as a national policy. This product is expected to be effective in a variety of areas that require the prevention of back pain.
Kanazawa University Pharmaceutical and Health Research Department, Department of Health Sciences,
Department of Rehabilitation Science,
Associate Professor Mitsugu Yoneda (Health Science)

How to wear

サポートジャケット PROⅢ

PROⅢ has been reborn to support your lower back
with a variety of functions.

  • PROⅢ 1
    PROⅢ 2
    PROⅢ 3
  • Specification

    • フォームナビ機能Form navigation function
    • ランバーサポート機能Lumbar support function
    • マッスル機能Muscle function
    • 肩ベルト改良Detachable bone mechanism
    • チェストベルト追加Bb Belt
    • 脇強化ベルト追加Side ab belt
    • ひざベルトデザイン改良Sliding chest belt
    • マッスルベルト改良W-lock knee belt
    • 生地素材変更Breathable fabric

    Size chart (unisex)*If in doubt, we recommend a larger size.

    サイズ(cm) S~M L~3L
    Around the waist (around the pelvis) 78~96 92~116
    Around the upper and lower knees 23~34 29~43
    Height 155~172 168~192

    *Please note: The waist circumference is the circumference of the pelvis, not the waist (abdominal circumference).

    Belt dimensions: Front width 150mm - Back width 220mm
    Color: gray
    Material : Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene
    POM, silicone

       Ships within 3 working days.

Precautions for use

●This product is not intended to treat any physical disease.
●There are individual differences in the effects of the three functions that this product claims.
●Please refrain from wearing this item if any of the following apply to you. ・Persons with an injury or poor blood circulation. ・Persons with a current injury to the shoulder, chest, knee, or area where the product will be worn. ・Persons who are pregnant or may become pregnant. ・Persons with other medical conditions.
●Please wear it correctly when using it.
●If you feel any abnormality during use, please stop using it immediately.
●Please read the instruction manual and use it correctly.
●Product specifications are subject to change without notice. please note that.